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August Top Players!


Staff member
Hey Aquamarines!

As announced on our Discord each month we will be rewarding the top players. There will be 3 top players, Discord, in-game, and on the Forums. Last month's winners received Lynix rank, 3.5 million in-game cash, and a free tag! Now, on to the Top players!

This month's top in-game player is AudioDog!
This month's top Discord user is Fxcilities!
This month's top Forum user is Monyen1!

Coming up this month, winners will win:

1. $15 Store credit (Store.AquaHQ.net)
2. Zeus Rank(or equivalent)
3. Special role on our Discord(Special perms)

Winners will be announced on October 1st.

Good luck to all!
- AquaHQ Network Management

PS: Keep a lookout for our amazing announcements(releases, prizes, competitions, and more)

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